bidding adieu

January 15, 2017

Well hi there! It’s been awhile.

I’ve been debating about a million ways to say this, but it’s going to come out best cutting straight to the point: I have decided to stop blogging. After six years of calling this digital space home, I have decided to step away. After wavering for a year or so, the decision naturally came to me in September. I gave myself three months to determine if the feeling would disperse, but it didn’t. I’ve had a tremendous run, but it’s time to say goodbye.


The best reason I can give is that after a few years of living remotely, I am craving physical community and relationships, plus a deeper focus on my career. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed managing an online community, but at this point in my life, I have clearly identified my desire for a stronger offline one. Some may argue that I can have both, and I don’t disagree. The best way I can put it is this: I am in a period of my life where I am paring down and simplifying. I want to give more of myself to my relationships and career. I love blogging, but have decided it’s not a necessity in my life at this time. I tend to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, and I don’t want to maintain a half-baked blog.

What’s next?

Really great things! Shortly after I made the decision to stop blogging, my husband resigned from his job, we decided to relocate to Milwaukee, and I was offered a new (dream) job for 2017, which I started two weeks ago. All these changes happened within a two-week period last fall, and once it all came together, I knew my decision to stop blogging was set in stone. All arrows pointed to a fresh start for Tim and I. This wasn’t just a door of opportunity, it was more like a one-way moving walkway with no resistance. We’ve been living in Milwaukee for just over a month now, and I feel like I have a permanent smile on my face. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways!

Will you ever blog again?

I’m not sure and am not looking to commit in full to either end of the spectrum. Maybe this is my final farewell, or perhaps I’ll be back at it someday. I feel at peace knowing that everything in life has a season. Right now, MG’s season is over. I will absolutely have days where I’ll miss it, but I know it’s the right decision.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude enough to everyone who has supported my blogging venture throughout these years. I will always feel quite fond of the opportunity to share my unique perspective and ideas with the world as a young adult. Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing, and everything in between. I will miss you!


A few notes:

I am planning to leave my site up until my yearly hosting session is done in late May. If there’s anything you want to browse through in my archives, be sure to do so before then!

If you’d like to connect in the future, I’ll be keeping my Instagram (@mollygoodearle) active. Or, feel free to reach out anytime at 


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